Travelling while vegetarian

And here’s Part 4 of my trip review. Part 1 was about holidaying with, Part 2Part 2 was about holidaying alone and Part 3Part 3 was all about Malaga. This part is about travelling as a (lifelong) vegetarian. This was by far the most challenging aspect of the trip and the single thing that Read More

Visiting Malaga

Part 3 of my trip review. Part 1 was about holidaying via and Part 2 was about holidaying solo. This one’s all about Malaga, and Part 4 is about travelling as a vegetarian. Well, that was an eye-opener and a definite benefit of using! I would never ever have a booked a holiday Read More

Holidaying solo

Welcome to Part 2 of my trip review (and sorry it’s taking me so long to write it all up – somehow that vision of being a travel blogger jetting off to all corners (hmm, there aren’t actually any corners on a globe, are there?) of the Earth is fading slightly – probably should have Read More

Travelling with

I’d decided around Easter time that I wanted to go away for a city break in Europe on my own some time soon. I’d been doing a lot of introspective thinking/searching/pondering, while and after reading Beth Kempton’s Freedom Seeker (highly recommend it, by the way). And I’d realised that I’d never gone on holiday on Read More