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Word for 2018 | Listen

Rather than New Year’s Resolutions, which always (in my experience, at least) tend to fall over within a week or two, I’ve spent a few years picking a word for the year (along with a gazillion other people – it’s not something I came up with all by myself). Last year’s word was ‘Inspire’, 2016’s Read More

Escape the social media bubble | © Tasha Goddard 2017

Escaping the social media bubble

  I’m at the end of a voluntary (and now I’m thinking I totally could have done something extra with it like got people to sponsor me in a whole Sober October kind of way) Facebook break. I decided on an arbitrary amount of time that I thought would be enough to give me more Read More

Self-portrait | Tasha Goddard © 2017

Self-portraits and daily practice

After Inktober I felt the need to keep up some kind of more focused daily practice. I do pretty much always draw or paint something every day, whether just doodles or rough sketches, or fully realised pieces for my portfolio or for a client. But the focus and impetus to stick to a daily practice Read More

Refried Beans illustrated recipe by Tasha Goddard

Illustrated recipe: Refried beans

We love tacos and I came up with this homemade refried beans recipe a good few years ago and use it every time we have tacos now. It’s really nice in tacos, served with some shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and grated cheese and maybe some sour cream, as well (cheese and sour cream totally optional Read More

Travelling while vegetarian

And here’s Part 4 of my trip review. Part 1 was about holidaying with, Part 2Part 2 was about holidaying alone and Part 3Part 3 was all about Malaga. This part is about travelling as a (lifelong) vegetarian. This was by far the most challenging aspect of the trip and the single thing that Read More

Visiting Malaga

Part 3 of my trip review. Part 1 was about holidaying via and Part 2 was about holidaying solo. This one’s all about Malaga, and Part 4 is about travelling as a vegetarian. Well, that was an eye-opener and a definite benefit of using! I would never ever have a booked a holiday Read More

Holidaying solo

Welcome to Part 2 of my trip review (and sorry it’s taking me so long to write it all up – somehow that vision of being a travel blogger jetting off to all corners (hmm, there aren’t actually any corners on a globe, are there?) of the Earth is fading slightly – probably should have Read More

Travelling with

I’d decided around Easter time that I wanted to go away for a city break in Europe on my own some time soon. I’d been doing a lot of introspective thinking/searching/pondering, while and after reading Beth Kempton’s Freedom Seeker (highly recommend it, by the way). And I’d realised that I’d never gone on holiday on Read More

Kokeshi Colouring Book by Tasha Goddard - buy from

Kokeshi Doll Colouring Pages

It struck me the other day that I haven’t created a new downloadable colouring book in absolutely ages. So I’ve put a new one up on Etsy – it’s chock-full of hand-drawn kokeshi dolls for you to colour and includes some fairly blank ones for you to decorate yourself, as well as plenty with lovely Read More

Word of the Year for 2017 | Tasha Goddard |

Inspire in 2017

I don’t think I did a word of the year last year – or, if I did, I didn’t record it. I have a feeling it might well have been ‘Mindfulness’ if I did do it. I spent the year cutting back on lots of extra responsibilities and commitments and concentrating on finding my own Read More

Printable Floral Colouring Bookmarks

I have a tendency to just grab a sticky note to mark my page when I’m reading. I have quite a few bookmarks – the ones that come in the books you reserve from the library, a fair few made by my daughters and laminated by (hopefully) willing early years professionals and teaching assistants, some Read More

Happy Weekend | © Tasha Goddard

Happy Weekend Free Colouring Page

I figured it was well past time I gave you a free colouring page, so here’s one for the weekend. Fairly simple one suitable for kids as well as grown-ups, but hopefully will help put you in the mood for having a really good weekend. Download your PDF of this Happy Weekend Free Colouring Page Read More

Christmas Colouring Book (printable) available now

A little later than I’d hoped, but I’ve finished my Christmas colouring book and it’s now available from my Etsy store. Jam-packed with 25 festive Christmassy designs to keep you calm and colourful through the month. You could even print them out four or more to a page and use them to make Christmas cards Read More

Inktober Colouring Book by Tasha Goddard |

Inktober Colouring Book now on Etsy (plus free sample)

My (digital) Inktober Colouring Book is now available on Etsy to buy for £4 (plus VAT, if you’re in the EU). It contains all the drawings I did for this year’s Inktober. Some are more suited for colouring than others, but there’s a good enough variety of complexity, I feel. Flowers, Paisleys, symmetrical patterns, women, Read More

Free Sugar Skulls Colouring Page

Free Sugar Skulls Colouring Page

Happy Halloween (or Day of the Dead – sorry, far more scope for pretty colouring!) Time for a little one-off freebie. And watch this space (or the Etsy store) for a new colouring book coming soon with all of this October’s inktober drawings – some are more colouring friendly than others, but I’ll put them Read More

Inked Flowers on Grey Blue | © Tasha Goddard 2015 |

Going with the flow – floral pattern

Part of the new calmer lifestyle I’m trying to adopt, I’m throwing out all my design career goals and schedules and plans and ‘going with the flow’. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do any work for studios – but I will only do so when I have the time and when it’s a call/assignment/trend Read More

Peace, calm and embracing single-tasking

I’ve been suffering for a year and a half with numbness down the left side and almost constant dizziness. The severity would change, but it would be there most of the time. I had lots of blood tests done and a bunch of things ruled out. Then I was referred to a consultant neurologist, who Read More

Holiday Flowers digital colouring book by Tasha Goddard (buy at

Holiday Flowers: New Colouring Book and FREE sampler

While on our holidays this year (in a very beautiful Cornish pair of villages – Kingsand and Cawsand), I did quite a bit of drawing full pages of stylised flowers – this seems to be my go-to relaxation technique – and I shared most of them on Instagram or Facebook. A few people said they’d love to Read More

A Bunch of Flowers - adult colouring book by Tasha Goddard |

Another colouring book – and a free sample

Well, it’s taken a while, sorry, but I’ve uploaded my second printable colouring book to Etsy. And I am, of course, offering you a free sample as a little taster – hopefully it will whet your appetite enough to buy the whole book, but even if it doesn’t, I hope you have lots of fun Read More

Colouring for grown-ups

So… it seems grown-ups are getting totally into colouring now. Awesome! I’ve always loved colouring, and used to spend hours as a very young child colouring in Altair Design books using my big tin of felt tips. These days I mostly just colour my own pictures, but now and then my daughters will ask me Read More

On gratitude and the blues

This weekend, Chris and I both had to do a lot of work. This meant we didn’t have time to take the girls out to cinemas or swimming or to hang out in cafes and museums. They got their homework done, had their baths, got given breakfast, lunch and dinner and also had approximately 5 Read More

When it all just flows

I don’t really have a problem with artist’s block (touch wood) but sometimes it takes a while to get into a brief, especially if you’re trying to do something that’s a little outside your comfort zone, or something that’s not really ‘you’. A lot of freelance and agency work involves pushing out designs quite quickly Read More

The Landlady – Patternmash project

I joined up for Hannah’s Patternmash project at the start of January. Hannah provides monthly briefs to create patterns/collections for. Not hugely unusual, I suppose, but… her briefs are really well-thought out and researched and in-depth and she provides supportive moodboards, colour palettes and more. I think it’s the depth and the reaching beyond the Read More

Drawing, drawing, drawing

Much of my December designing was all done in Illustrator – though almost always starting with sketched ideas and plans. I then squeezed in some painting at the end of the month, using some new paints – Golden Acyrlics – oh wow, I am totally and utterly in love with these paints. The only acrylics Read More

Goals, tasks and accountability – NOT resolutions

Continuing on the ‘I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions’ theme, I am still looking to start the new year with a fresh attitude and raring to go. Because the girls start back to school on Monday (5 January), and that’s also when I’ll be officially back at my (TAG Publishing Services) desk, I’m really treating Read More

Word for 2015

I used to make New Year Resolutions. I’d resolve to give up smoking, lose weight, save money, learn to drive… And I’d quickly fall at the first hurdle with most of them. And then I’d feel sad and grumpy and like a big fat failure. Resolutions seem to be made for giving up, even though Read More

Summer School with Make it in Design

The Make it in Design team very kindly provided a fantastic pattern design summer school over the last few weeks. We had three sets of assignments, about two weeks apart and there was a Beginner Track, Intermediate Track and Advanced Track and there was a different brief, but within the same megatrend. I had only Read More

A Mini a Day: Brollies © Tasha Goddard 2014

A Mini a Day: Week 1

So, this was the first week of doing my ‘A mini a day, a letter a day’ and it wasn’t a full week. I definitely enjoyed having a bit of a focus to my doodling and I think, though I still did my normal random (mostly floral!) doodles. I found myself being more drawn to the Read More

#aminiaday #aletteraday

A Mini a Day; A Letter a Day; A Colour Palette a Week

I’ve decided to do a mini (*) and a letter a day for a while (I’m not going to set a specific time limit – I might do it for a couple of weeks, or I might do it for a whole year). So, every day, in the morning, I’m going to pick a subject Read More

Juicy Jelly © Tasha Goddard

MATS Bootcamp – Jelly!

March has been all about jelly. I found the topic a little less inspiring than last month’s cuckoo clocks, but still ended up having fun with it (despite a crazy ‘other work’ month that saw me with very little design time on my hands). Fortunately, drawing, painting and making pretty patterns are all part of Read More

MATS Bootcamp – Cuckoo Clocks

I am so very glad that I signed up for the Make Art That Sells Bootcamp, from the awesome and inspirational Lilla Rogers. It’s a long-term (runs over a number of months) portfolio-building session – not quite a course, but there are lots of course-like aspects. You get a mini the first week of a Read More


I’ve been finding analogous palettes quite appealing lately and find you can still get a bit of pop without needing contrasting colours. Read More

Studio envy

One of my biggest wishes (apart from world peace, universal education and an end to hunger, of course) is to have a studio in the back garden. At the moment, I make do with drawing and designing at my desk, where I also do my other job of project managing educational publishing projects. I also Read More